Enabling or Disabling a User for ASR

Enabling or Disabling a User for ASR

This article explains how to enable or disable a user for ShadowScribe ASR.

Enable User

To enable the user, you need to assign or map a Nuance Specialty to a user. The Nuance Specialty contains the default
vocabularies that help the speech system build speech model to produce drafts. To do this:

Go to Client Maintenance > Users > Edit User and expand the user information section. Select the appropriate Specialty
from the drop down.

Users 1.png

Select the Specialty from the drop down.

Users 2.png

And click Save.

Users 3.png

If you are unsure of the Specialty, we recommend selecting “Internal Medicine”.

Once the user is mapped to a Specialty, they are enabled for the speech engine. Keep in mind, document types that the
enabled user picks must also be enabled for the system.
To enable the document type click here Enabling or Disabling a Document Type for ASR

Disable User

To disable a user, edit the user, expand the User Information section, select the Nuance Specialty drop down and set it
so no Specialty is selected.