Enabling Microphone for Dictation on iOS

When dictating on the mobile application for the first time, a prompt displays to allow the microphone to access the application. If you select to allow the access, you will then be able to dictate right away. However, if you accidentally selected "do not allow" in the prompt, the microphone on the device has no access to the application and does not allow recording of audio.

This article explains how to enable the microphone your mobile device for dictation through the Nuance Mobile application.

Allowing Microphone Access via Settings

1. Open the Settings icon on the device, then navigate to the Privacy category.



2. In Privacy, navigate to the Microphone category.


3. In Microphone, Emdat Mobile will show in the list of applications. Tap on the toggle button so it shows as green (access allowed) for Emdat Mobile.


4. After access is allowed for the microphone for Emdat Mobile, recording the audio will function properly and you will be able to dictate through the application.