Emdat Mobile Compatibility

The following article provides information on running Emdat Mobile on the Windows Mobile operating system.

Emdat Mobile runs on the Windows Mobile operating system. It was developed on version 5.0 and extensively tested. However, Microsoft will not be supporting version 5.0 after 2010. In addition, we discovered some significant performance issues with version 5.0 versus 6.0 and do not recommend using version 5.0. For new equipment, we recommend getting version 6.1 or 6.5. Microsoft recently released version 6.5. We haven't tested against this but do expect it to work without problems.

This is the list of versions we tested against.

Standard, Classic, and Professional are different 'flavors' of Windows Mobile.

  • Emdat Mobile will run on all three of these flavors.
  • Standard does not have a touch screen. All navigation is done with the keypad.
  • Professional and Classic both have touch screens.
  • Professional is the version that has the telephone capabilities