Dictation Will Not Fast Forward Or Rewind No Volume Or Playback Rate

This article will describe a setting that can be changed when the following problems are observed in InScribe:

These problems could be caused if the setting in the player that InScribe is using is set to Built-In Player. This player is meant to be a very low functionality option when there are no other solutions. It lacks the functionality described above.

To change back to a more full featured player, please follow these steps:

1. Close InScribe. You can keep any jobs if your settings allow you.

2. Re-open the program, but do not log-in or put in your password.

3. On the log-in screen, expand the Options section by clicking as indicated in the image below:

InScribe options1.jpg

4. Use the Player pull down menu to select Windows Media 7 and later (InScribe Full Control) as shown below:

InScribe options2.jpg

5. If that does not fix the issue, or Windows Media Player is already selected, click on the "Reg MS Media" button.

6. Log in like normal.

The functionality that was missing before should now be available.

If this did not solve the issue, please follow the instructions in this article: Manual Reinstall Of InScribe Components