Dictation Playback Buttons Missing in InScribe 6

If your Dictation Playback Control Buttons are missing as seen below, please check the following.

Missing Player.png

1) Restart your PC. In some cases, the sound card on your PC has had an error and a restart fixes that. You would most likely notice this problem if sound does not play from any program on your computer.

2) Similar to the first item, this can sometimes also happen if your only audio playback device has become unplugged - check to make sure you can play audio in other programs. If a restart does not fix this, then you should check why no programs can play audio.

3) Open Inscribe and select File then Options

Open Options.png

4) Select the Advanced tab and set Playback > Audio Player to InScribe.

Audio Player.png

5) The InScribe Wave Player setting is uaually set to Automatic.

Try setting this to one of the other settings: WaveOut or WASAPI

If changing it to one of them doesn't help, try the other.


6) When the correct audio player has been selected you will see the following media player buttons within InScribe.

Correct player.png

You should now see your audio controls at the top as shown above.