Dictation Audio File Will Not Play

InScribe is able to use various mp3 players to play audio files. It is set by default to use Windows Media Player included with Microsoft Windows. InScribe also comes with its own built-in player. If you are having an issue playing sound files, first check to see what player InScribe is set to use. You can determine this by going to the login screen of InScribe and selecting the options button. You will notice some options will open below, one of them being "Built-In Player".

Inscribe login.jpg

1. Make sure Windows Media Player is the player being shown.

2. Click the Reg Ms Media button at the bottom of the options section. Then after a succeeded message appears, click OK.

3. Login and retry playing the file.

If it still does not play make sure you are running the latest version of Windows Media Player, which can be found here at Microsoft's website http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows/products/windows-media-player.