Creating Page Breaks In Transcriptions

This article will help explain how to force a page break into a transcription to help make it asthetically pleasing to the eye. Please Note: This is a transcription by transcription change unless you add it to the document template. If added to the document template, it is not a retroactive change. See Create A Document Template if you need to add the page break in there.

Say you have a transciption where either a few lines of a paragraph are on one page and the rest of the paragraph is on another page (as in the below example) or that a 6 row table is split with some rows on one page and the rest on another page, both are good examples in which you might want to add a forced page break to make the end report/letter look more professional and readable. See How To Preview a Print Template in InCommand and InQuiry on how to view a sample transcription.


  1. First, go into edit mode with the transcription you need to adjust. Click on the Edit button at the top of the transcription.

  2. Once in edit mode, position your cursor where you want to add in the page break.

  3. Now that you have the cursor in the correct position, you can add in the page break. Scroll to the top if you have a long transcription and/or not viewing it in full screen mode and click the PB button.

  4. The PB button add in a page break line where your cursor is at. You may need to delete the extra space that is below or above the page break if you are trying to save on white space.

  5. Make sure you click "Save & Close" at the top to save your changes to the transcription. Now when you print preview, you now see the forced page break forcing the text below it to start on the new page.