Create A Document Template

Creating Document Templates

Document templates are the parts of a transcription that includes the headings or canned text that usually appears in a transcription along-side the variable text that the MT inputs.  It is a structure of existing text that allows transcriptionists to create consistent documents according to the needs of the dictating provider.

You view existing document templates here:

InCommand > Client Maintenance > Templates > Document Templates


1.  Select the document type on the left.
Note – you can specify different templates based on both user and/or location if different doctors and/or locations will want different headings or document structure.


2.  Click the “Add/Edit” button.


3.  Fill in the document template in the editor window that appears. This is the same editing window that InScribe or InQuiry uses.


- DO NOT copy/paste from an external program since that might carry over external formatting tags that will cause problems for the client.

- DO NOT change the font or style information from the default since this will cause the document template to override the print template setting causing problems for the client.

If you do introduce external formatting, you can use the “Remove Formatting” button to try and clean it up.


4.  Press Save.

MT Notes

Now, when this document type is selected or loaded in InScribe, the template will automatically appear. Transcriptionists can still delete parts of the templates if that is needed. If you want to give them specific instructions on how to handle the document, use the MT notes part of the template window to type those in:


Video Training

Please watch these videos that explain more about the features and capabilities of document templates.

InCommand > Maintenance > Advanced Maintenance > Video Training


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