Converting Files From A Sony Recorder To Upload With InSync

This article will explain how you can use the Sony Digital Voice Editor software what comes with Sony Digital Voice Recorders to convert audio files from Sony's proprietary format to one that Nuance InSync can upload.

The Sony format DVF cannot be uploaded by InSync.

The accepted file types are SRI, WAV, MP3, DSS, MSV or WMA.

Sony's software can convert files when they are transferred from the voice recorder to the computer. Using this software, you can convert the files from DVF to MP3 and put them into a folder for InSync to upload.

In order to set this up please do the following:

1. Open the Sony Digital Voice Editor software.

2. Under the Tool menu, select Options. See image below for the menu bar:

Sony menu.jpg

3. In the options window, select the Codec (Save) tab and set the options as seen in the image below:

Sony options save.jpg

4. Plug in the voice recorder and let the software find the audio files on the recorder.

5. Usually, the audio files will be within one more folders on the voice recorder. Right click on one of the folders where there are audio files and select Save... as shown below:

Sony Save.jpg

6. In the save dialog that comes up, save the audio files into a file path where InSync can upload them. This is typically in the file path: InSync4: %appdata%\Emdat\InSync\DIC\NEW

InSync5: C:\Users\Public\Documents\Emdat\InSync 5\\Uploading\

Note: InSync can be set-up to upload from alternate file paths, please see information in this article for setting up InSync to upload using InSync4: "Standard Audio" Troubleshooting Tips For Unsupported Voice Recorders

Note: It is now recommended to use ShadowLink2 to upload dictations from a folder.

If you have problems saving directly into the file path with the Sony software, save the files to a place you can easily find them (such as the desktop) and then copy and paste them into the appropriate file path.