Configuring ShadowLink For Proxy Access

This article is to help resolve issues related to running ShadowLink 2.0 on a machine that has strict proxy access.

There are two configurations you'll need to update to set up ShadowLink for proxy access. These configuration files can be located in C:\Program Files\Emdat\ShadowLinkClient\ by default. Take the attachments on this page and replace the files in that directory with the attachments.

The ShadowLink.ManagementConsole.exe will need to be run as an administrator. If you right click on the ShadowLink.ManagementConsole.exe you should see an option to either "Run as Administrator" or "Run as...". In either case, you may need to enter credentials for an administrator username and password.

There is a chance the UI will say the service logon has authenticated (and is listed as "Valid") but when you start the service via the management console's "Start" button it will stop immediately or display a proxy access error. This means that the current account that the ShadowLink service is running under doesn't have proxy access.

  1. Bring up the windows start menu, and run "services.msc" in the search box to bring up the services for the machine. If you're on XP or older, you'll need to type this in the "Run" section under the start menu.
  2. Navigate to ShadowLink Client, right click the service and go to properties.
  3. Go to the "Log On" section
  4. Ideally credentials should be set up for ShadowLink that won't have a password reset and also have proxy access, if your IT administrator can do so. Otherwise, another administrative account with access to proxy can be used here, and alternatively you can try running it as the network service instead of local system account.