Checking Status of ShadowLink Services

This article explains how to check the status of ShadowLink services.

In order for a client to send or receive information or documents via ShadowLink, the service must first be connected.

Knowing the connection status of a service is the first step in troubleshooting potential issues related to the three main functions of ShadowLink:

1. Patient demographics uploads (from the client)

2. Associate uploads (from the client)

3. Audio dictation uploads (from tthe client)

4. Transcription deliveries (to the client)

How to check the status of a ShadowLink service

1. From InCommand, navigate to the Management tab, then the Advanced Management subtab.

2. In the Advanced Management subtab menu, click on ShadowLink, then Services.


3. Clicking on Services will load a window that displays the following information:

If a client is reporting ShadowLink issues, the Status column for the service will show Disconnected or Unresponsive.


4. By clicking on the triangle button on the far left side of a ShadowLink service in the Services window, you can get additional information that includes: