Check In A Job With InCommand

Sometimes it can be necessary to "Check In" a dictation from a MT's work queue.  Doing so will remove the TID from the MT's InScribe login.  Any partially completed work will be discarded and the MT will not receive any credit or lines for partially completed transcriptions.  Once a dictation has been checked in, it can be assigned to another MT or left in the queue to be picked up by the next available transcriptionist.

To Check in a transcription navigate to the "Outstanding Jobs" page of InCommand and search for the transcriptions that you want to pull from the MT.  On the left hand side, use the check boxes to select one or more TIDs to check in.  In the upper right, press the button to "Check In."


Lastly, in the Confirmation window, choose "Check In Selected"

Alternately, a single TID can be checked in on the Info Screen.  To access the Info Screen, click on any TID in the Outstanding Jobs tab.  Under the transcriptionist drop down menu select "Not Checked Out" and then press "Save."