Change MT Pay Rate

MT pay is controlled at the MT Pool level by Client, this means that some Clients could have different rates than others, and an MT might get paid more or less depending on what Client the transcription was loaded under.  To change the rate an MT is getting paid for a Client log in to InCommand, and access the Transcriptionists sub tab on the Maintenance Tab.


Select the Transcriptionists who's pool needs to be edited and click "Modify Clients and Pools."  Then select the "Manage Client Name Options" link.


Definitions and explanations of specific payment options can be found by pressing the "?" button.


Once the pay options have been selected, there is the option to Update prior transcriptions.  By default the new rate will be applied going forward.  From this time on, the new rate will be paid to the MT.  There is also the option to update ALL prior transcriptions, or to select a date range that the new pay rate will be applied to.  In this way a new pay rate can be applied retroactively to transcriptions that have already been typed.


Click "Save" to apply all changes.