Cannot Insert Ordered Bullets Or Other Formatting

This article will discuss a couple of troubleshooting methods when you have problems with formatting transcriptions in InScribe. This has been seen before when the Ordered Bullets are being used. When the button is clicked, it appears that nothing happens in the transcription. Other formatting might work fine such as the Unordered Bullets.

This problem is caused when improper formatting has been pasted into the transcription. More information on determining if improper formatting is in the transcription can be found at this link: How To Determine If Text Was Pasted From MS Word

This formatting can come from editing the transcription in a 3rd party application such as Microsoft Word, from 3rd party expander or macro programs such as InstantText or Shorthand, or if InScribe AutoText entries were copied and pasted from a 3rd party application and then used in the transcription.

The best method to remove formatting from a transcription is to run the text through a Note Pad text document.

1. Place the cursor into the area of the transcription and press <Ctrl> + A to select all of the text.

2. Press <Ctrl> + C to copy the text.

3. Navigate to your computer desktop and <Right Click> anywhere on the desktop, not on a file.

4. From the menu that appears select New > Text Document as shown below:

New text.jpg

5. Name and open the new document that you created and press <Ctrl> + V to paste the transcription into it.

6. Go back to InScribe and select all the text again, <Ctrl> + A, and then press delete to remove it. Note: Because all formatting will be removed, please remember what words are Bolded, Italicized, or in Tables as you will need to re-do this later.

7. Go back to the new document on the desktop and select all of the text, <Ctrl> + A, and copy it again, <Ctrl> + C. Note: Make sure to re-copy the text in this step. This will ensure that the text with the improper tags is replaced with the clean formatting version.

8. Paste, <Ctrl> + V, the text back into the transcription in InScribe.

Try to perform the formatting that was problematic again to see if this solved the problem.

If you are still unable to use the formatting or insert the ordered bullets then the formatting tags might be in an area of the transcription that is not editable. To solve this, you will need to create a clean transcription.

1. Perform steps 1 through 7 above. If you have already done so, then you do not need to do it again.

2. In InScribe select the option under the Transcription menu, Copy Dictation to New Transcription, or press <Ctrl> + <Alt> + Y

3. Paste the clean formatting version from step 7 above into the new transcription.

Try to perform the formatting that was problematic again to see if this solved the problem. If the problem persists, then please contact the help desk for further assistance.

By utilizing this method, you will now need to invalidate the original transcription which has the improper formatting. Please consult your manager for specific procedures she would like for you to follow in this situation.

To invalidate a transcription:

1. Make sure the transcription you wish to invalidate is the current one in your InScribe program. It should be highlighted in the list of transcriptions.

2. It is good practice to put a message in the transcription's Comment section that explains why you are invalidating the transcription.

3. Select under the Transcription menu > Additional Actions > Invalidate Transcription or press <Ctrl> + J. Press "OK" in the prompt that follows.

Note: You might not have access to invalidate transcriptions. If this is not an available option please consult your manager with the steps she would like you to take.

By using these methods, you can make sure that any improper formatting that might be affecting the way the document looks or behaves is stripped out. If you are finding that these procedures need to be used regularly, then it is a good idea to keep note of what expansions or macros or editing in a 3rd party application is causing the problems. AutoText entries can be stripped of improper formatting in much the same way as transcriptions can.