Cannot Connect to InQuiry or InCommand with IE6

To maintain compliance with security protocols, the networks that host the Nuance InQuiry and InCommand websites have had SSL 3.0 deactivated. This is due to a major security vulnerability that is present in this old encryption method. This will not affect the majority of users, but those users still on Internet Explorer 6 might receive a "Page Could Not Be Displayed" style of error as a result.

Please see the image below for a sample of what the error might look like. Please note in the About Internet Explorer that it is version 6.

IE6 not found.png

If you have this issue, it is highly recommended that you upgrade your Internet Explorer version.

If you cannot upgrade IE, then please try the following.

1. Open the Tools Menu.

2. Select Internet Options.

3. Click on the Advanced Tab.

4. Click the checkmark for "Use TLS 1.0". This option is almost all the way at the bottom.


NOTE - If you do not have this option available, then you will need to upgrade to Service Pack 3 for XP.