Can Not Login To InQuiry - Keeps Wanting To Install The Runtime Components

Inquiry requires an Emdat runtime component to be installed to login and use the service. You will notice a paragraph below the login fields that asks you to click to install the component. After you install the component, the paragraph should go away and allow you to login. If the paragraph remains after you click and install it, then it might not be able to install itself on the PC you are using. This is normally caused by not having read/write access to the Emdat folder on the PC you are trying to install it on. Please also note that Emdat Inquiry must be run in Internet Explorer version 9 or higher on a Windows Vista or better PC. Lastly, please check if the 64-bit version of Internet Explorer is running, rather than the 32-bit version. You can verify the version by clicking on Help from the IE toolbar, then About Internet Explorer. If InQuiry is being accessed from the 64-bit version, this can cause login issues. Make sure the user opens InQuiry using the 32-bit version.

You might be able to bypass the access restrictions in Windows Vista by installing the components as an administrator. To do this, download the .EXE file to your desktop by clicking on the "Click Here" link and selecting "Save". Once the download is complete, right-click on the newly created file and select, "Run as Administrator" from the menu. Typically, you will need to click "Allow" or "Continue" if the User Account Control window comes up. After performing the installation, the paragraph should go away and the log in fields should be accessible.

If running the installation as an Administrator does not allow you to log in as normal, please contact your IT department and confirm you have read/write permission to the Emdat folder on the PC you are using.