AutoText in Comment Box

InScribe allows for AutoText entries to be inserted into the comments section.

Settings Verification

Please check the following settings:

1. Under Options, make sure the "Show AutoText List in Comments" options is checked.

2. Under View > Toolbars, make sure Comments is checked.

Autotext5.png Autotext6.png

Adding AutoText entries as Comments in InScribe

There are two ways to make AutoText entries available in the comments section:

Creating a new AutoText Entry

1. Create a new AutoText entry by going to Transcription > AutoText. Click on "New" in the top left corner to create a new entry.

   When prompted with the New AutoText window, input the name of the entry (the "shorthand" version) and click OK.


2. Then, in the editor box, input the expanded version of the entry (the "longhand" version). Please make sure that you check the "Use as Canned Comment" option under the editor box.

3. Click Save, then OK.


Enabling All AutoText Entries as Canned Comments

There is an option to allow all existing AutoText entries to be used as Canned Comments in InScribe.


While this may seem like an easy solution, please note that this may not be the most efficient way to insert text into the Comments section. For example, if you have hundreds of AutoText entries and enable them all to show in the drop-down menu under Comments, it may be time-consuming to scroll and find the entry to insert.

Using/Inserting AutoText in Comments

After the entries are created or added to the Comment section of InScribe, you will be able to select the AutoText entry from the drop-down menu and left-click to insert the text into the comment box. Please note that inserting an AutoText entry into the Comments section requires you to select from the drop-down menu, and this cannot be done by typing in the shorthand version in the comment box.