Associate Database Uploading and Information

The associate updates are all based on the "Associate Client Code" field.

This is the "key" field by which Nuance determines if a record should be updated. If a user manually changes the associate information (either in InQuiry, InScribe or InCommand Maintenance), and saves that to the master database, it updates the record with the same associate client code. On the next upload of data from an associate file, if the Associate Client Code is the same, it will update (and therefore overwrite) and changes that were made to that associate. It is therefore recommended, if assocates will be uploaded regularly, to make the source system from which the file comes the master list and make changes only in that system.

To explain the codes a bit, they will start with the letter: "X" if it was originally added by an InScribe user, "I" if it was originally added by an InQuiry user, "A" if it was originally added from an associate file and a code was not specified.

Any other data in that field indicates it was given to Nuance, either as part of the associate file or manually entered when adding the associate.