Appointment Date Service Date List Are Not Loading

This article will discuss a possible fix for an issue which causes the Appointment Date field in InScribe not to load information or the Service Date List dialogue from appearing. This applies to versions of InScribe before 4.96.

This error can be duplicated by pressing the "..." button next to the Appt: field in InScribe when a valid patient has been entered. If you are experiencing this error then when this button is pressed the window pointed to WILL NOT appear.


This error has been found to be caused by a mismatch between the date format that the computer and InScribe are set at. If the computer is set to show dates as Date/Month/Year and InScribe is set to Month/Date/Year then this problem will occur.

Changing the Date Format in InScribe

1. InScribe's date format can be changed under the Option menu in the "Set Date/Time Values" entry shown below:


2. Make sure to set the format to match how your computer shows the date in the field shown below:


Remember: This is the format that you should type dates into the program from now on. Even if the facility you are typing for uses a different format, it will show up correctly in their systems as long as you are consistent.

Changing the Date Format in the Computer

1. If you would like to change your computer's date format instead, you can find that setting in the control panel:

Vista: Controlpanel.jpg

XP: Control Panel.jpg

2. Make sure you have the Classic View selected on the left side of the control panel window, and open "Regional and Language Options".

3. Change the "Current Format" to an option that has the Short Form that matches with the setting in InScribe (found in Changing the Date Format in InScribe Step 2) as pictured below:

Vista: DateVista.jpg

XP: DateXP.jpg

Whether you choose to set your date in your computer to match InScribe's setting or to change InScribe to match your computer setting, please remember to consistently type the date in the format that is within InScribe. This will ensure that the client will always see the date correctly in the format they have decided on.

After making these changes, the functionality of the Appointment Date field and the Service Date Listing window should be restored to normal working order.