Appointment Comparison Report Returns No Data

When the InQuiry Appointment Comparison report returns "No Data" there May be an error matching the DID to the Patient demographics. This problem occurs when the Client is using a custom DID system, but does not assign numbers to the users. The report is accessed via InQuiry.

X08 apptcomp00.jpg

If a user has been improperly configured, the Report will return like this:

X08 apptcomp01.jpg

Verify that the Client is using a custom DID. Enter Client Maintenance and visit the Non-Workflow Settings under Client Defaults. If an InTouch DID is set, the user must also be assigned a Custom ID.

X08 apptcomp02b.jpg

When a custom InTouch DID is used, verify that the User is assigned a DID by accessing user setup of Client Maintenance. Edit the user in Question and view the Telephone Dictation Instructions. A Dial-In Dictation ID must be specified if the client is using a custom DID.

X08 apptcomp03.jpg