Adjusting Proxy Rights for Users that Cannot See Documents

If a user cannot see another user's documents, then they may not have proxy rights to see that other user's work, the other common cause is that they do not have access to a location that the document is assigned to, which is covered in a different article.

NOTE: It is recommended that Nuance help desk provide this information to third party transcription company customers, but to not make these changes for them.

To adjust proxy rights, so that one InQuiry user can see another InQuiry user's documents, go to Client Maintenance -> Maintenance -> Users:

Incommand user maint menu.png

Find the user that needs the right to see someone else's documents, and click once on that user's name, then click on "Proxy rights for [username]"

Incommand open user proxy.png

This will bring up the Proxy Rights for that user. It shows who's documents that person can view, edit, or complete. The setting "Edit Header Only" is usually used for staff members that need to edit demographic information attached to the document, but who should not be able to edit the document itself.

Proxy rights can be inherited from a group that the user is a member of, and those group rights can be overridden. When there is a green check mark under the group column, but a red X in the check box and the leftmost column, then the right given by the group has been overridden, and the user cannot see the other user's documents. If a user doesn't have proxy rights from the left-most set of columns, then not of the other proxy rights will function; this is also shown in the screen shot below.

Incommand proxy rights.png

Once the proxy rights have been adjusted click on save to save them.

The user will need to log out of InQuiry and log in again for the changes to take effect.