Adding Canned Text To a ShadowScribe Document Template

Adding Canned Text to a ShadowScribe Document Template

In ShadowScribe ASR, It’s always ideal for the MT/MLS to work with documents with no canned text. For cases where canned text is required for specific titles, this article explains how to add canned text to a ShadowScribe Document Template.

Go to Client Maintenance > Advanced > ShadowScribe > Rules

1. Select the document type and click Add/Edit.


2. Use the “Edit Section Properties” icon to open up the Section Options tab.


3. Notice the top description tells you the document type and the specific section you’re editing. In the screenshot below, we are editing the Ztest document type and its Review of Systems section. To add canned text to this section, uncheck the Optional check box to reveal the editor.


4. This will expose the editor where you can add your canned text.  To optimize MT/MLS productivity, we recommend following the Canned Text Best Practices in ShadowScribe Document Templates when adding canned text.


5. When finished adding the canned text, click save.


6. After you save the document and edit again the title will appear in red denoting the section is not optional. Note: you cannot add canned text to a section that is optional. Anytime you add canned text to a section it will automatically become required.

You have successfully added canned text to the document template.