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A Line Of Characters Are Printing On The Top Of Reports

Adding a User to Another Users Resource

Adding Canned Text To a ShadowScribe Document Template

Adding service account credentials throws trust relationship error

Adjusting Document Margins and Orphan Heights

Adjusting InScribe Pane And Window Sizes

Adjusting Location Access Rights for Users that Cannot See Documents

Adjusting Proxy Rights for Users that Cannot See Documents

Appointment Comparison Report Returns No Data

Appointment Date Service Date List Are Not Loading

Arrow Keys Do Not Function Properly

ASR Rejected – Scenarios and Troubleshooting

ASR Structured vs. Unstructured

Associate Database Uploading and Information

Audio Files Do Not Play F Keys Are Unavailable

AutoText in Comment Box

Available Print Template Variables

Background Is In Color When Viewing Or Printing A Report

Bluetooth Support for Dictation

Can Not Enter Or Select A Date To Search For A Fax Under Facsimiles

Can Not Login To InQuiry - Keeps Wanting To Install The Runtime Components

Canned Text Best Practices in ShadowScribe Document Templates

Cannot Connect to InQuiry or InCommand with IE6

Cannot Create Or Edit Tables

Cannot Insert Ordered Bullets Or Other Formatting

Cannot Log Into InCommand

Cannot Log Into InScribe

Cannot Play Audio Files in InQuiry or InCommand

Cannot Play Dictation In InScribe While Doing A Patient Lookup Or Another Program Is Open

Cannot See The Yes, No or Ok Buttons in InScribe

Cannot See The Yet No or Ok Buttons in InScribe

CDIA (formally MTIA) Membership Information

Change MT Pay Rate

Character Counting Explanation

Character Counts In Tables

Check In A Job With InCommand

Checking for Recent Patient Feeds From a Client

Checking Status of Shadowlink Exports

Checking Status of ShadowLink Services

Classic DSS Firmware For The Olympus DS 2400 Recorders

Client Billing Detail Report Doesn't Show The Dollar Amounts

Clinician Has Other Users Reports In The Referral Folder That He She Does Not Have Proxy To

Configuring ShadowLink For Proxy Access

Converting Files From A Sony Recorder To Upload With InSync

Copy Options in InScribe 6

Copy Options in InScribe

Cover Letter Or Envelope Do Not Appear Available For A Transcription

Create A Dictation Template

Create A Document Template

Creating Page Breaks In Transcriptions

Creating ShadowScribe Document Templates

Creating ShadowScribe Structured Dictation Templates (2014)

Creating ShadowScribe Structured Dictation Templates

Creating ShadowScribe Structured Document Templates

Creating Style Sheets for ShadowScribe

CTRL ALT G Does Not Work

CTRL ALT H Does Not Work

Data At Rest Within InScribe 6

Data At Rest Within InScribe

Definition Of A Keystroke

Demographic Field Labels

Dictation Audio File Will Not Play

Dictation Information Screen

Dictation Playback Buttons Missing in InScribe 6

Dictation Will Not Fast Forward Or Rewind No Volume Or Playback Rate

Dictation Will Not Load In Structured Editor In InScribe

Dictionaries In InScribe

Document Template VS Print Template Issues

Document Type ShadowScribe ASR settings

Double-Spacing After A Colon Disappears

Downgrade Internet Explorer to a Prior Version

Emdat Business Continuity Summary

Emdat Mobile Compatibility

Emdat Mobile For Smartphones Manual

Emdat Mobile Overview

EMET With MemProt Error

Enabling a Client, User, and Document Type, for ASR

Enabling Microphone for Dictation on iOS

Enabling or Disabling a Document Type for ASR

Enabling or Disabling a User for ASR

Enabling Re-Export With InQuiry

Error Dialog In Android Mobile Application

Error Logging Into ShadowPrint

Error Message When Deleting A Location

Error When Using Word 2010 Button In InScribe

Etrain Login Instructions For InScribe

Event Logs Are Full and ShadowLink or ShadowPrint Cannot Record Events

Explanation Of Grid Layout Features

Explanation Of InQuiry Grid Comment Tag Search

Explanation of InQuiry Grid Layout Features

Explanation Of Runtime Components

Explanation of ShadowScribe II and the CKEditor

F1 To Jump To Time Stamp Location Does Not Play From Time Marked

FAQ Sheet For Installation And Troubleshooting Of Start-Stop Foot Pedals For Nuance InScribe

Fax Cover Sheet Settings

Finding ShadowPrint Failure Status Codes

Firewall Settings Needed For InScribe 6

Firewall Settings Needed For InScribe

Fix for Green Cells in Tables

Foot Pedals With A Programming Mode

Foot Pedals Without A Programming Mode

Foot Pedals

Forgot Password in InScribe 6

Garbage Characters in the Printed Documents

General Trouble Shooting for Issues in InQuiry and InCommand

Graphical Signature Not Appearing in InQuiry

Graphical Signatures

Guide For Preparing A Windows Environment On An Apple Computer

How Do I Append A Transcription In InQuiry

How do I create an Attestation Template

How Do I Delete A Transcription From InQuiry

How Line Counts Are Calculated For Invalid Transcriptions

How to Add a Patient Address Within InScribe

How To Add Additional Signature Text

How To Add Automatic Additional Signatures For A Physician

How to Add AutoText in InScribe

How to Add AutoText

How To Add British Dictionaries To InScribe

How to Add the Length Column to Outstanding Jobs

How to Add, Remove And Edit Words In The User Dictionaries

How To Adjust How Far To Rewind After Pausing

How to adjust Rewind after pause within InScribe 6

How To Adjust TID Priority

How To Assign a Pool to a Transcriptionist

How to Assign a TID to an MT

How To Attach A File To A Print Template Request

How To Backup And Restore AutoText In InScribe Version 4.3

How To Backup And Restore AutoText

How to Change a TIDs Typing Status

How to change Australian Date Format in Google Chrome

How To Change Available QA Levels For A Client

How To Change Default Location Or DocType For A User

How To Change Or Reset A Password

How To Change Proxy Settings In InQuiry

How To Change Servers In InScribe

How To Change to an External Media Player in InScribe

How To Check If Your Dictations Uploaded Successfully

How to Check Which InScribe Server You Are Connecting To

How To Configure InScribe For Some USB Foot Pedals Including The IN-PI-USB

How To Convert And Import Word AutoCorrect Into InScribe

How To Copy An Existing Document Type

How To Create A .DOC Or .PDF Of An Existing Print Template

How To Create a KB Article

How to Create a New Document Type

How to Create a New InQuiry User

How to Create a New Location

How To Create a New Pool Category Within InCommand

How to Create a New Transcriptionist

How To Create A Print Template Sample

How To Create An InQuiry Desktop Shortcut

How To Create Schedule Resources

How To Create Sub-Categories In InQuiry's Work-At-A-Glance View

How To Determine If Text Was Pasted From MS Word

How To Disable The Confirmation Popup

How to Download Files in Preliminary

How to Edit an Associate Record

How To Find The UNC Path For A Network Folder Location

How to Fix Internet Explorer 11 Blocking ActiveX Components

How To Grant Access To Reports

How To Insert Tables And Change Column Widths In Document Templates

How To Install Or Update InScribe

How To Link A User's Search All Folder To An Additional Client

How To Login with Multiple Accounts

How To Make A Transcription Dictation Stat

How To Make Changes To A Report Marked As Done

How to Make Print Template Background Images and Colors Show

How to Map Client Section Titles to ShadowScribe Section Titles

How To Mark A TID As STAT In InCommand

How To Move A Transcription Through The Workflow

How to Prevent AutoText From Expanding in InScribe 6

How To Prevent AutoText From Expanding

How To Preview a Print Template in InCommand and InQuiry

How To Re-Export A File Within InCommand

How To Read The Dictation Time Differences Report

How To Read The Physician Turn Around Report

How To Read The Workflow Monitor Report

How to Remove a Misspelled Word from your Dictionary

How To Report A Print Template Error

How to reset a transcriptionist password within InCommand

How To Reset An InQuiry User's Password From InCommand

How To Reset InCommand Passwords

How to Return a Delivered Dictation to a Transcriptionist

How To Reverse Signature Order

How to Send a Delivered Job Back to Transcription

How to Set Up a User to Download Transcriptions in Preliminary

How To Set Up A User To Receive A Fax Copy Of All His Or Her Transcriptions

How To Set Up Client News From InCommand

How To Set Up Custom InTouch Dictation IDs

How To Setup A New InCommand Log-In

How to Show All Feedback Items

How To Submit A Graphical Signature

How To Submit A Print Template Request

How To Submit A Print Template Update Request

How to transfer your Inscribe Dictionaries into InScribe 6

How To Turn On Or Off Watermarks

How to Update Document Descriptions

How To Update InSync After Receiving The New Version Message

How To Upload A Client Logo For InQuiry

How to Upload a Graphical Signature

How To Upload Audio From A Folder In InSync 5

HR Check Error In InScribe

HTML Printing Behavior Error

I Can't Highlight And Select Text In InScribe

I Cannot See My Feedback

I Cannot See The No or Ok Buttons in InQuiry Window

I Don't Know The Dictator's Specialty, What Should I Pick

Impact of not selecting or selecting the wrong document types on ASR

InCommand Does Not Allow LogIn Even After Running The Components

InCommand Freezes As Soon As Logged In

InCommand Level Troubleshooting For Jobs Not Downloading In InScribe

InCommand Manual

InQuiry Crashes After Navigating Away From The Home Tab

InQuiry Does Not Allow LogIn Even After Running The Components

InQuiry Freezes As Soon As Logged In

InQuiry Logic Table

InQuiry Logs Off When A Second Web Application Is Opened

InQuiry Manual

InQuiry Or InCommand Crash MSN Toolbar In IE8

InQuiry Will Not Allow Me To Login

InScribe 4 Manual

InScribe 4.9 Download

InScribe 6 Buttons are Missing to add CC's or Comment Tag Headers

InScribe 6 - How To Add British Dictionaries

InScribe 6 - How to Submit a Support Ticket

InScribe 6 - Preview With Template Causes Script Error

InScribe 6 Add, Edit, And Remove User Dictionary Words

InScribe 6 Adjust Rewind After Pause Increment

InScribe 6 Change A Report Marked Done

InScribe 6 Error Logging Mode

InScribe 6 How To Adjust How Far To Rewind After Pausing

InScribe 6 How To Backup And Restore AutoText

InScribe 6 How To Change to an External Media Player

InScribe 6 How To Restore Lost Transcription

InScribe 6 Installing InScribe

InScribe 6 Login Failed, Unable To Login

InScribe 6 Makes My Intel Turbo Boost Stay On The Entire Time

InScribe 6 Manual

InScribe 6 Misspelled Words Are Not Corrected By Spellchecker

InScribe 6 Quick Access Toolbar

InScribe 6 Script Error In QA Feedback

InScribe 6 Transcription Is Locked And Will Not Upload

InScribe 6 Volume And Speed Control

InScribe 6 What Triggers the Prompt for QA And Review Window

InScribe Download

InScribe Error Logging Mode

InScribe Installer Fails Stating Components Are Not Up-To-Date

InScribe Is Locked Up. How Can I Upload My Completed Transcriptions

InScribe is not showing the full document type names

InScribe Shortcut Comparison

InScribe Shortcuts

InScribe Transcription Log Only Lists Part Of What The InCommand Report Lists

InScribe Volume and Speed Controls

InScribe VR Shortcut Comparison

Inserting Non-Standard Characters Into InScribe 6

Inserting Non-Standard Characters Into InScribe

Installation of Nuance Components Crashes

Installed Training Files Do Not Appear in InScribe

Installing InScribe 6 ShadowScribe Training Files

Installing Training Files in InScribe 6

InSync 4.9 Download

InSync 5 How to Configure a Recorder

InSync 5 How to Manually Upload Sound Files through InSync

InSync 5 PACS Prompts For UserID

InSync Download

InSync Invalid Username Password (Windows Vista)

InSync Manual

InSync Overview

InSync Supported Audio File Types

InSync Supported Recorders

InSync4 and InScribe Error Logging Mode

InSync4 Error Message When Plugging In Recorder

InSync4 Error Message When Uploading From Phillips Digital Recorder

InSync4 Firewall Settings Needed For InSync

InSync4 How To Configure A Recorder In InSync

InSync4 How To Configure A Recorder To Use Only One Document Type

InSync4 How To Manually Upload Sound Files Through InSync

InSync4 How To Set Up InSync When You Have One Recorder For Multiple Physicians

InSync4 How To Set Up InSync When You Upload From One Computer For Multiple Locations

InSync4 How To Setup A DS-5000 DS-3400 To Record In DSS File Format

InSync4 InSync Can Not See The Recorder

InSync4 InSync Cannot Connect To Server

InSync4 InSync Freezes Sending Waiting Files

InSync4 InSync Set-up For Patient And Associate Uploads

InSync4 InSync Shared Configuration

InSync4 InSync Will Not Upload My Dictations

InSync4 No Olympus Recorder Was Found (Scenario 2)

InSync4 No Olympus Recorder Was Found

InSync4 Olympus DS-5000 And DS-3400 Not Sending Stat Marked Dictations Up As Stat

InSync4 Setting Up A Removable Media Device In InSync

InSync4 The Record New Dictation Feature In InSync Does Not Upload Or Record All The Dictations In Windows Vista

InSync4 Troubleshooting Tips For Unsupported Voice Recorders

InTouch Dictations on Hold

InTouch Telephone Instructions

IPhone Security And HIPAA Compliance

Jobs Are Not Going To ShadowScribe ASR Speech Engine (2014)

Jobs Are Not Going To ShadowScribe ASR Speech Engine

Letterhead Formats Internal vs External

Line Count Differences Between Different User Reports

Line Count Returns - No Records Found Message In Windows XP

Logging Into Training Mode With InScribe

Login Failed - Unable to Login

Logo And Image Submissions For Letterheads

Logon Failure error

Loud Beep Sound In InScribe

Main Page

Managing Folder Access By User Groups

Manual Configuration Of Infinity USB-1 and 2 Footpedals

Manual Reinstall Of InScribe Components

Manuals and Documentation

Mapping Transcription Copies From One Client To Another

Matching ShadowPrint And Windows Credentials

Missing Text On Printout And Print Preview

Misspelled Words Are Not Corrected By Spellchecker

Multiple InScribes are Playing Audio at the Same Time in InScribe 6

No Default Printer Error

Nuance Firewall Test Utility

Nuance InQuiry Auto-Print And Complete

Nuance Mobile For Android Manual

Nuance Mobile For iPhone Manual

Nuance Mobile's Recording Modes - Append, Overwrite, Insert

Nuance Mobile

Nuance Popup Windows Disappear

Nuance Running On A Mac

Nuance Training Classes

Number In Patient Database Upload Does Not Match New Patient Report Or Patient Listing Report Q and A

Olympus Digital Recorder Product Support

Olympus DS-2 Recording Modes

Olympus Recorder Loses Dictations

Opening a Transcription to View or Edit Opens a Blank Page

Out of Memory or File Already in Use Errors

Page 2 Headers and Footers

Parameter Is Incorrect Within InScribe Editor

Pasted Text Has Incorrect Formatting

Patient ID Does Not Load Patient Demographics

Patient Record And Audio File Retention Times

Patient, Associate, or Document Delivery Shows Pending Long After Being Received

Physician's Transcriptions Are Requiring An Additional Signature, But None Is Needed

Playback Speed Bar Not Adjusting The Speed In InScribe

Pressing Play Will Not Pause Dictation

Print Template FAQs

Print Template Header Or Footer Is Cut Off

Print Template Info

Print Templates 2

Print Templates

Problems Accessing Reports With IE8

Problems Installing InScribe - Error Stating Network Resource Is Unavailable

Problems While Printing, Paper Tray Error Or Manual Feed Error

Prompt For User On Upload Is Not Working For Olympus 5000

Prompt To Mark When In Question - InScribe

QA Feedback Items Are Missing

QA Ratings and Feedback Manual

Qualifications Overview

Re-Export Through InCommand Shadowlink v.2

Re-Export With InQuiry

Re-Pool A Job With InCommand

Recorders Not Compatible With Windows 7,8 or 64-bit Operating Systems

Request An Article Link

Restart The ShadowPrint Service

Restore A Previous Version Of A Transcribed Document

Runtime Component Download

Script Error When Editing in Internet Explorer 10 and 11

Script Error When Printing In Internet Explorer

Script Error When Using the Word Button In InScribe

Security Error When Playing Audio Files In InQuiry Or InCommand

Selecting Audio Cues In InSync

Set Windows Media Player As Default For InQuiry Or InCommand

Setting Multiple Emdat Document Types for ASR

Setting Up AutoFax

Setting Up Document Security

Settings To Check If The Line Counts Do Not Match

ShadowLink 1 Download

ShadowLink 1 Manual

ShadowLink 1 Overview

ShadowLink 2 Download

ShadowLink 2 Installation And Configuration Instruction Guide

ShadowLink 2 Manual

ShadowLink 2 Overview

ShadowLink Download

ShadowLink Error When Running In Vista Or Windows 7

ShadowLink Info

ShadowLink Overview

ShadowLink Service Stops Running Periodically

ShadowLink uploads dictations too quickly

ShadowPrint Communication Fix

ShadowPrint Download

ShadowPrint Manual

ShadowScribe - Supported Devices And Formats

ShadowScribe Jobs Do Not Show Up In Pool Or Download In InScribe

ShadowScribe Template Setup Options for MTSOs

ShadowScribe Text Or Sections Not Appearing In Preview With Template

Sound Bar In InScribe Will Not Stay When I Manually Move It

Spellcheck Corrects Words Including Numbers And Apostrophes

Spellchecker Is Stopping On Every Word

System Requirements for Nuance Applications

Text Or Margins Are Too Big Small In Print Preview And Printout Of Transcriptions

The File Exists Error

The Olympus DS-5000 Method For Selecting Document Types

Transcription Activity Log Q and A - Fax Entries

Transcription Is Locked And Will Not Upload

Transcription Priority Explanation

Transcription Viewer Does Not Display Changes Made With The Editor

Transcriptionist is not able to select Mark for QA

Transferring AutoText And Dictionaries From One InScribe Install To Another

Trimming Audio Files Using The Olympus Dictation Module

Troubleshoot InScribe Sound Problems

Troubleshooting Microsoft Silverlight Update Issues

Troubleshooting Mobile App Dictation Upload Issues

Troubleshooting ShadowScribe Template Issues

Unable to connect to the remote server

Unable to Expand InstantText Entries of 7 or More Words

Unable To Play Audio Files in InQuiry or InCommand

Unable to Record, There Was a Problem Initiating The Recording error on iOS

Unable To See The Dates In The Demographic Panel Of InScribe

Update Header In Transcription Activity - What Does It Mean

Updating Letterhead Addresses

Updating Signature Names Or Credentials

Upgrading From InSync 4 to InSync 5

USB Foot Pedals

User Is Stuck in ASR Training for an Extended Period of Time

Using AutoText in Comment Box

Using ShadowLink To Access Network File Systems

Using ShadowScribe Document Template Section Action Options

Using The QT Monitor Report

Viewing TID Line Counts In InCommand

Virtual Printers And ShadowPrint

Watermark Appears When I Print A Transcription

Watermark Is Not Appearing on Prints

Watermark Not Appearing When Using Print Selected Or All Buttons

What are ShadowScribe II and the CKEditor

What Do The Roles Refer To On The User Listing Report

What Does Additional Refer To In The Activity Log

What is a Client Code

What Is An Attestation Template

What To Check If Fields Are Not Populating In InScribe

Why Are Dictations Not Going To ShadowScribe For Transcription

Why Did ASR Create A Draft When Audio Quality Is Poor

Zero Line Count For All Delivered Documents